SciVation Xtend Ripped 30 Servings


About the product
  • Intra-workout that has added fat burning ingredients
  • Based on the branch chain amino acid (BCAA)formula of Scivation Xtend – 7g of BCAAs
  • Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) – 850mg
  • Capsimax (Capsicum Extract) – thermogenic/fat burning ingredient
  • Electrolyte blend – keeping your fluids replenished and hydrated

Staying hydrated is crucial to workout performance, but when you’re looking to put on lean muscle you also want to limit the amount of water you retain. XTEND Ripped supports hydration and lean muscle goals, while packing in ingredients like CLA and Capsimax to help enhance fat loss. With XTEND Ripped, you’ll be able to go hard, replenish, and start achieving that completely shredded look you’ve been going after.

Weight 19.2 oz
Dimensions 4.9 × 4.9 × 7 in

strawberry kiwi, blueberry lemonade, watermelon lime, Orchard Splash


30 Servings


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