Muscletech Premium Mass Gainer in Pakistan


Premium Mass Gainer aids in the recovery of your muscles after each workout session, allowing you to feel as good as new every day. Your energy levels will skyrocket, and you’ll be inspired to work harder every time.


Premium Mass Gainer has a well-balanced component profile. It has over 1460 calories, 70 grammes of high-quality protein, 248 grammes of carbohydrates, and to top it off, BCAA, important minerals, and glutamine are included to ensure you don’t miss out on anything good!

Mass Gainer supplement is a tasty and nutritious nutritional supplement that is mostly used for protein. It provides you with a substantial amount of calories. It’s made up of proteins, vitamins, amino acids, glutamine, and other necessary nutrients, and it’s created to deliver an enriched blend of nutrition. This supplement provides approximately 1290 calories, as well as protein and high-energy carbohydrates.


  • 1460 calories of great grade
  • 284 grammes of carbohydrates and 70 grammes of protein
  • Glutamine, Bcaas, Vital Nutrients, and Nutrients, and More

Muscletech Premium Mass Gainer is a high-calorie concentration administered after or before a workout to improve performance and deliver better and enhanced outcomes. It aids in the quick repair of muscular damage produced by vigorous workout sessions because it is high in BCAAs. Muscletech 100 per cent Premium Mass Gainer ensures outstanding muscle tone, raises insulin levels, and thoroughly consumes all nutrition to grow muscle mass when taken as a meals additive along with your rigorous workouts. So, if you’re looking for a pill that will help you get the most out of your workouts, Muscletech Premium Mass Gainer is the way to go.

Use instructions

In a mixer or shaking cup, combine 1 serving with 16 to 20 oz. Coldwater or skim milk and drink twice a day. Drink the first dose between breakfast and lunch and the second serving before bed for optimal benefits. Drink ten glasses of water every day. In 24 hours, do not consume more than two servings. Before using, read the entire label and follow the instructions.






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