Pakistani Diet Plan Chart

Pakistani Diet Plan Chart for Weight Loss

This Pakistani diet plan chart is a great way for people who are looking to lose weight. It’s not too difficult, but it does take some time and effort to invest in order to achieve your goals!
In our country, many people, especially women, are conscious of losing weight. Often, it is the most important step to becoming fit. A person who wishes to lose weight, however, must stay committed for months before results are seen. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and controlling your weight can be accomplished when you adhere to the fitness program with discipline and patience. Often we think that losing weight involves a strict diet plan, or that you can achieve your goal by not eating in any way. Unlike typical diet plans, this full-day diet plan is not replete with refined oil and sugars, so it is completely gluten-free and sugar-free. Developing this healthy Pakistani diet plan chart without cheating will not make you starve, but it will give you long-term results.

Weight loss Diet plan for males in Pakistan


Men can benefit in a number of ways from losing excess fat and maintaining a healthy weight. Health conditions, such as heart disease, diabetes, and certain types of cancers, are reduced by maintaining a healthy body weight. Due to men having more visceral fat, a type of belly fat linked to diseases, men with obesity are at a higher risk of chronic disease than women with obesity. Studies have shown that men who follow a healthy diet plus increased physical activity and other behavioral changes lose weight more effectively than those who simply follow a diet. In this article, we present a few healthy diets for men that might help them lose weight if you follow this Pakistani diet plan chart. The Internet is a great place to find healthy food and supplements. Eat clean, feel good about yourself and get back on track with the help from our online supplement store.

The protein-rich diet

Protein Rich diet

Weight loss can be promoted by increasing protein intake. A healthy diet should include protein, a macronutrient that is known to be powerfully filling. A high protein diet is shown to be more filling as well. A high-protein diet can also protect muscle mass during weight loss, keeping the number of calories burned at rest – your resting energy expenditure – at a constant level. Additionally, studies suggest that men who consume high-protein diets are more likely to lose weight over time than those whose diets are lower in protein

The Mediterranean diet


Whole foods like vegetables, fruits, beans, and fish are essential components of the Mediterranean diet and have been linked to a range of health advantages, such as cardiovascular health and weight control. The Mediterranean diet has been tied to weight loss, heart health, and lower diabetes risk through other research. The Mediterranean diet may also protect against prostate cancer, the majority of cancers found in men, secondly it also reduce lung cancer mortality rate.

Low carbohydrate diets

Low carb diet


There is a good reason why low carb diets are so popular. Low carb keto diets to moderate carb diets with more flexibility can all be found among these diets. Weight loss and improved health outcomes are linked to low carb diets for men. A large number of other studies have confirmed that diets with reduced carbohydrate content have been shown to promote weight loss, enhance blood fat levels, and reduce blood sugar levels. It has been found that diets that are moderate in carb content are easier to maintain than diets that are very low in carbs. A moderate carb diet is likely to be a more sustainable weight loss method due to the important factor of being able to follow it long-term.

The fibrous diets


It is an important part of a fiber-rich diet that keeps you full while benefitting your health in many ways. There have been consistent studies demonstrating the associated between healthy weight and fiber-rich diets, including Mediterranean and vegetarian diets. The majority of women and men who ate a high-fiber diet lost the most weight in a recent, six-month study involving 345 women and men. The decrease in body weight was correlated with an increase of 10 grams of fiber per day. Furthermore, men who consume plenty of fiber may also be protected against many ailments, including heart attacks.

Food Supplements


If you want to lose weight with proper exercise and searching for the best Weight Loss Supplements in Pakistan. The best way to enjoy your life is by making sure you’re healthy and strong. You can’t do that if there’s something blocking the path, like an unhealthy diet or lack of vitamins. whether you take food supplements or not, a proper diet is also mandatory. Here are some safe and medically registered supplements for weight loss in Pakistan.


Weight loss diet plan for females in Pakistan


In this Pakistani diet plan chart, you are not only going to fill up, but you’ll also reduce weight quickly so that you will feel healthier and happier, too. A Diet Plan for a full day consists of the following meals.

Taking apple cider vinegar drinks
apple vinegar drink


Drink apple cider vinegar to start your day. Do a 40-minute walk or exercise after taking a glass of apple cider vinegar on an unfilled stomach. Flax seeds contain omega three, an important nutrient for the heart, and keeps you full for much longer. You can stop free radical damage with this drink since it contains antioxidants. Keeping your metabolism fast will help your body burn more fat that is lost as a result of 40 minutes of walking or beginners exercise.

 Various seasonal fruits



It is now time for breakfast after a 40-minute walk or exercise. It is necessary to eat seasonal fruits for breakfast such as bananas, pomegranates, oranges, mangos, pineapples, watermelons, etc. It is fine to have any combination of three fruits for breakfast. Include seasonal fruits in your fruit bowl to make it colorful.

 Water for detoxification


Have fruit-infused water for your midday drink. A fresh flavour will enhance the taste of your water, and fruits also remove toxins from your system. You can prepare your detox water by adding a single slice of lemon, half cucumber, some leaves of mint and any seasonal fruit in a full jug of water.  When you are thirsty, drink the refreshing fruit-infused water after allowing it to mix well for half an hour.

Grill chicken or fish


We suggest that you eat chicken or fish as the lunch meal, with steamed vegetables. The protein content of this lunch meal will provide the energy you need to work all day long. The fiber and vitamins in the vegetables will provide better digestion. You can choose between tea or fruit/vegetable for a snack after taking lunch.



Your body can better digest food if you eat three hours before bedtime. Diners can choose between chickpea salad and red beans salad for dinner. This salad is filled with nutrients and proteins that will satisfy all your nutritional needs. There’s nothing like a protein-packed salad to tackle your busy day. This recipe is a healthy and satisfying way to lose weight.


Diet plan both males and females


Today, almost everyone is fitness-conscious, including girls, and a variety of fast weight loss diets have appeared to enable people to lose weight within a short timeframe without compromising health. Keto diet plan Pakistan is the #1 diet plan that fitness trainers and nutritionists recommend. We have put together a meal plan for a keto diet to help Pakistani dieters lose 10 Kgs in a month and it is considered the best Pakistani diet plan for weight loss. Be sure you follow the instructions exactly to lose 10 Kgs: Time Diets
1 8 am Drink 2 sips of water and 1 tbsp. apple cider vinegar
2 8:15 am Drink one liter of water
3 9:15 am Omelets with two eggs, one slice of cheese and sliced mushrooms
4 11 am Green tea
5 1 pm Salad (any vegetables, salad leaves and seasonal fruits)
6 4 pm Strawberries or almonds at snack time with green tea
7 7 pm Butter chicken or some vegetable chicken
8 8 pm Lemon-infused green tea


Note: All your dishes should be cooked in desi ghee or white butter. Water consumption should be between 3 and 5 literes per day.

Calories in Pakistani food


Every day, we consume calories from the food we eat. Our daily food intake or a certain meal is what gives us energy. It is essential for humans to consume calories in order to maintain their energy levels. We obtain calories from a variety of sources during the day. A macro-nutrient is a nutrient consisting of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. Calculating your calorie consumption is one of the first things that comes to mind if you are contemplating losing weight. In reality, we don’t have to sacrifice the foods we enjoy to shed weight. Instead, we just need to consider how many calories we consume each day to lose weight. Below are the recipes used to calculate the nutritional information for this recipe based on our food nutrition database.


Calories Carbs Fat Protein
Pakistani Nimko, 1 g 3 0g 0g 0g
Pakistani Paratha, 80 g 155 42g 9g 11g
Pakistani Lentil Curry, 1 cup 481








Beef Qeema Matar Pakistani Dish, 1 cup 312 0g 0g 0g
Pakistani Style Spinach, 1


233 0g 0g 0g
Roti Pakistani 100g 262 55g 1g 10g
Pakistani Chai, 1 cup


60 9g 1g 2g


Avoid these foods

Those who want to lose weight faster should avoid processed foods and drinks because they contain high levels of sugar and follow the above Pakistani diet plan chart. Foods like this contribute to weight gain as well as harming your health in general. A little is fine, but too much can lead to serious diseases like diabetes, fatness, and heart disease. To lose weight the most effectively, you need to avoid these foods.

  •      Beverages with carbonation.
  •      A sweetener such as sugar and concentrated milk.
  •      Cakes, puddings, ice cream, candies, etc., all contain high levels of sugar.
  •      Fried foods such as chips, french fries, etc.
  •      The presence of Trans fats in butter and margarine.
  •      It is also advisable to avoid foods such as white bread, pasta, and canola oil.



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